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Kingdom Relationships

Kingdom Relationships

Oct 26, 2014

Passage:Matthew 7:1-12

Preacher: Rev. Steve Mattis

Series: The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached

Category: Sunday Sermons


The Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 7:1-12

Relationships within the Kingdom

“Concerning Condemnation”

Matt. 7:1-2 Judge not!

What the text does not mean.

“Judge” NKJ - Krino - To sit in the office of Judge.

Pronounce Judgement - To Condemn!

Toward the faults of others.

How the heart transformed by the King actually interacts with others!

Vrs. 2 If you sow condemnation you will reap condemnation

Reciprocity - throughout Scripture .

Sow to flesh; reap corruption, Sow to Spirit; reap life. Gal. 6:7-8

If you lived under condemnation, you will involuntarily give condemnation. Rules You!

Vrs. 3-5 How can giving condemnation actually look in relationships

Most humans have an amazing ability to focus upon the “Speck in the eye” of others.

Irritants in the eye! Small things that are a source of big discomfort! - To me!

As with WORRY, don’t give your time and energy to focusing upon the specks of others.

Consider the “plank” in your own eye!

Your own life and situation in the kingdom is your only fully time responsibility.

Some factors that cause me to focus upon “the speak in the eye of others.”

Concern! I know what is best!



Self righteousness.

Vrs. 5  Hypocrite! Now the 4th

Matt. 6:2  Charitable Deeds - To be seen.
Matt. 6:5  When you Pray - To be seen.
Matt. 6:16  When you fast - To be seen.

Trying to “straighten someone else out” Is like, “throwing your pearls before pigs!”

They will trample them and turn and rend you!

Lead by example!

Disingenuous, Hypocritical to focus upon the SPECK and ignore the PLANK.

The Kingdom Way is much better!

Ask, Seek, Knock. Vrs. 7-8

A man and his son.

  • Bread or Stone.
  • Fish or Serpent.

Your Father in heaven will give good things to those who ask!!

Vrs. 12 Therefore, whatever you want from men, do also to them. This is the law and the prophets. Golden!

We get to represent the Father in this life, because the Father is now living His Life in each of us! Representing himself to the world.

Knowing our needs. Meeting those needs. He wants to make himself known to others through us.

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