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Caring for You and Yours in the Loss of a Loved One... 

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!  In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade — kept in heaven for you.  Peter 1:3-4

Funeral or Memorial Service

The minister will work with you to plan the worship service.  He will also explain the church (and EPC) policies as to funerals at the church, the purpose being to bring order, dignity, and Christ-centered worship during the service.

Ministry of Comfort

In the loss of an immediate family member (mother, father, spouse or children), the Ministry of Comfort will provide one of the three options that will best minister to you and your family.

  1. Following the funeral / memorial service a meal will be provided for the family, out of town guests and the pastors.  The Coordinator of the Ministry of Comfort will contact you to ask:
  2. How many you would expect for a meal (family, out of town guests and pastors).
  3. If there is a group (church small group, ministry group, social group, neighborhood group, etc.) who has expressed a desire to help in some way.
  4. If there is anything specific you need to have at the meal (such as a table for pictures, etc.)
  5. If you prefer not to have a meal or reception at the church, the Comfort Committee will provide a turkey breast or ham and rolls taken to your home.
  6. The third option might be a visitation reception following the service in the church fellowship hall with punch, cookies and nuts served to all guests.

The Casket, Flowers, Pictures

The Casket

  • The church has a pall for use during the worship service.  (You may want a live spray for when the casket is carried in and out of the church and for the graveside service.)
  • If you choose not to use the pall, you may use a live spray for the casket for the service (as well as before and at the graveside).
  • The American flag or other casket coverings are best used at the graveside.
  • Please arrange for an open casket at the funeral home visitation only.


  • One floral arrangement (real flowers only please) may be placed on the table.  This is standard size for most arrangements of this kind from a florist.
  • You may have two additional flower arrangements in the sanctuary which would be placed at the ends of the casket on the floor.
  • You may place one flower arrangement in the vestibule near the guest book.
  • Please do not use other flowers in the church. You may use them in the Fellowship Hall or location of the meal or reception at the church.
  • Ostentatious displays of flowers should be avoided.


  • Please do not use pictures or mementos in the vestibule or sanctuary.  You may use them during the visitation at the funeral chapel or in the Fellowship Hall or location of the meal or reception at the church.  
  • Please do not take pictures during the service as it is a distraction to others who are there to worship and receive comfort from the Lord.

Charges for Use of Facilities

There are no charges to use the facility.

Financial gifts to the pastor is optional. Musicians and vocalists are $50; an A/V person is $100.


  1. We can make available our projection system in order to show family pictures of the deceased if desired.
  2. The Pastor must approve the content of the presentation. It is your responsibility to inform the A/V technician that the presentation will be included in the service. The final copy of the presentation must be given to the A/V technician at least 1 day prior to the service. Last minute presentations will not be used
  3. The presentation should be done in PowerPoint or Keynote. We may not be able to prepare the presentation for you. 
  4. We advise that you consult with the A/V technician before creating the presentation in order to ensure that the final product will be compatible with our projection system. Presentations that are incompatible will not be used.

Please know that we love you and desire deeply to care for you in this hour of need.  Through all the stress and tears of this hour, we give glory to God for you and your loved one and rejoice in the sure 
hope of the resurrection.

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