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Adult Discipleship Classes

Adult Discipleship Classes:

September 8 - December 15, 2019

ROOTS: Church and Community

Leaders: Jim Waller and Jerry Cannon (Room 111/113)

Christians are in the world and not of the world.  We Christians are called to be witnesses for Christ in the world starting with witnessing in the body of Christ, the Church.  The Church is an organized body with leaders, officials and members all called to love one another using commandments that God gave, the example of Christ on earth and ceremonial law.  We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves while we live in the world which is secular and atheistic. The class is an attempt to follow the Judeo/Christian development from the Garden of Eden forward through the major covenants to our current Church.  The secular world development will follow civilizations development through the progressive making laws from Babylon through Greek laws, Roman Laws forward to our own USA constitutional law.  In each segment determined by covenant on the Church side and secular law on the world side offering examples of how it affected how people lived and dealt within their community of belief and in the world's civil law. We plan to pay specific attention to what did God do and Jesus do through directive and example with respect to civil law and God's law.   Where the two meet is a challenge for our current Church body.  Are we the product of our roots?  Can we use the knowledge produced by our ancestors to go into the world and be witnesses?  Or, are our roots as defined by biblical history irrelevant in today's world?  Does atheism trump Christianity in today's world of technology and information overload?  It appears the struggle of the Church today is between inalienable rights and rights determined by the ruling elite.  This is a discussion class where we share knowledge in our search for truth.

Come join us as we follow our roots from the Eden to today to get some understanding of how to follow Christ and witness today in a world of the Sargasso Sea of Fantasy.


Taught by Michael Escalante and Phil Stump, (Room 114)

End times prophecy is being revealed daily. In this class we will review 10 to 12 current events articles from the previous week that are gleaned from the Internet, bring them to class and then discuss what Biblical prophecies have to say in light of these articles. The class format is lively

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