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Swearing and Making Oaths

Swearing and Making Oaths

Sep 07, 2014

Preacher: Rev. Steve Mattis

Series: The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached

Category: Sunday Sermons


We have been walking through The Sermon on the Mount.
The Greatest Sermon ever Preached.
Matt. 5

The Kingdom of God is available to everyone.
Through Jesus real change is possible!

Key to change is allowing Jesus to rule in the Mind and Heart.

Jesus has been teaching six contrasts:

“Old Righteousness” by law and isolated behavior.
“New Righteousness” revealing the Kingdom Heart - a heart changed by the King.

Murder - Anger, contempt and evil words.
Adultery - Destructive fantasized desire.
Divorce - “Pink slip” or kingdom relationship.

The Forth contrast:
Swearing and making Oaths
Matt. 5:33-37

Swearing or making an Oath was common during the time of Jesus.

Today it is of little value than to create grounds for perjury in a court of law.

In the time of Jesus, “Men indeed swear by the greater, and an oath for confirmation is for them an end of all dispute.” Heb. 6:16

“The Old righteousness:” you could swear by things “higher than yourself.” Just don’t do it “foolishly” and be sure to “perform it.” Vrs. 33

Jesus went right to the heart of why we swear

To impress others with our sincerity and reliability in order “to get our own way!”

It is a device of “manipulation and control” designed to override the judgment and will of others to get them to do with we want!

Jesus: Reminds us who you are!.

Disciples of Jesus.

Men and women with a new heart.

The King lives in us and influences us.

The “evil” Jesus is addressing (of manipulating and controlling others) is simply an inherently wrong approach to other human

Vrs. 34 Jesus says about swearing,manipulating and controlling other:
Just don’t it at all. “Do not swear at all.”

Not by heaven! God’s throne.
Not by earth! His footstool.
Not by Jerusalem! The city of the Great King.
Not by your own head! You can’t make one hair - White or Black!

Vrs. 37 Let your “Yes by Yes.” Let your “No be No.” Everything beyond this comes from evil.

Transparent Communication!
Persuading, manipulating and controlling others, is the supreme way of forcing our will. Not the will of the King!

In teaching his disciples to pray. 6:10 Pray like this: “.... Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

All we do and say should simply be a transparent affirmation of your love for God and your love for other people. Leave everything else up to God.

Contemporary applications:

Prophetic gifts: “God said.” Directional and Correctional words. Expressions of human will.

Charitable giving. Matt. 6:2 To be seen!

With holding the Tithe. It belongs to God.

The Kingdom of God, is now available to everyone! Everything we are and everything we do is an issue of the heartA new kingdom heart!

The disciple of Jesus is a committed learner:
Overcome anger, contempt and evil words.
Effectively deal with Fantasized desire and Lust.
Escape the “pink slip” mentality of marriage.
Renounce all manipulation and honor people.

COMMUNION: A feast of remembrance!

We are connected to the King by a new heart.
We are direct beneficiaries all Jesus accomplished on the Cross.
Jesus died for us! Paid the penalty for our sin.
Jesus died as us! We are dead to sin. Free.
Jesus is raised from the dead. We are now empowered to walk in new kingdom life.

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