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Salt and Light

Salt and Light

Jul 27, 2014

Passage:Matthew 5:13-16

Preacher: Rev. Steve Mattis

Series: The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached

Category: Sunday Sermons


Salt and Light - Matt. 5:13-16

Matt. 4:17 - Announcement that God has begun a global push to reclaim what is rightfully his.  Specifically the world & the peoples of the world.

Jesus invited people to “change their mind and join Him in this rule.”

Matt. 4:23 Jesus went about teaching and preaching the “good news of the Kingdom.”  Why is this News Good?


Beatitudes answer the question, WHO has access to the Kingdom!

Sermon on the Mount answers the question HOW do we live as members of the Kingdom.

Ordinary people transformed by the Jesus are powerful influences in the world!  Divine Strategic Placement!



You are the SALT of the Earth.  v. 13

Preserves. Flavors. Attracts. Influences.

Salt attracts people to us (gospel) by giving them a taste of Jesus in us!

Salt is our character and transformed life as we “walk as Jesus walked!” Rule!

If we lose our flavor we are good for nothing but to be trampled under foot by men.


You are the LIGHT of the World.  v. 14  

LIGHT can only illuminate what we are.

SALT comes before LIGHT!  We must be salt in our character before the light of Jesus can be seen in us.

The Kingdom of God is inside of transformed believers with salty lives who can’t help but have the light of Jesus flow out of them.  KINGDOM INFLUENCE!


You are SALT and LIGHT! 

 SALT without LIGHT cannot sustain life.  Like The Dead Sea - no output.

 LIGHT without SALT can be blinding, like glaring headlights at night.

 The Kingdom within creates the character of Jesus who shines through us to all around us.


Don’t hide your SALT and LIGHTv. 15 under a basket!  They were made to be seen. ISOLATION FROM THE WORLD.

 The Gospel of the Kingdom was meant to engage people everywhere the people of the Kingdom go.  We are carriers of the King!

 The normal people.  The little people.  The needy people just like us.  Office workers.  School teachers. Nurses.  Accountants. Electricians. Musicians. CNA’s. 



Don’t love the world - Idols of things. Ja. 4:4

Love the world as God loves it - Influence.

“God so loved the world” - People.

v. 16  Personal translation:

“Let your light so shine before men, that they will see what you do and who you are actually emanates from the life of Jesus in you and be drawn to develop a good opinion of your Father in heaven!”


Kingdom in = Transformation by the King taking up residence in us!


Kingdom out = Influence in the world by the King impacting the world in service and love through us!


Let the King produce salt and light in you.

Use your Divine Strategic Placement to advance the kingdom of God!


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